OLYMPIA — Samuel Jensen, son of Kerry and Elizabeth Jensen of Zillah, made his way to Olympia and served as a page in the House of Representatives on Jan. 27-31.

“The page program is an excellent way for students from around the state to learn how our state works,” says Jensen’s sponsor, 15th District Rep. Bruce Chandler (Granger-R).

Jensen attended page school every day to gain understandings of the operations and actions of the Legislature. He partook in page duties consisting of delivering messages and documents to legislatures and staff.

The program also asks students to create a piece of legislation and present the bill in a mock committee to fellow pages.

When asked about his piece of legislation he worked on with other team members, Jensen proposed a bill on stricter rules for service animals in terms of making sure they have documentation from veterinarians and trainers.

“My favorite part of the program was getting to see things happen, watching bills go though. It’s not always a big argument like you see on TV,” Jensen said.

Republican Senator Jim Honeyford (Sunnyside-R) also sponsored a page at the House of Representatives.

He sponsored homeschooled ninth grader Anna Stuhlmiller of Olympia.

While Stuhlmiller lives in Olympia, the 35th Legislative District, and Sen. Honeyford represents the 15th, Honeyford worked with Stuhlmiller’s father, John Stuhlmiller, Chief Executive Officer of Washington Farm Bureau, closely for many years.

“She was eager to be a part of the action on the senate floor,” said the senator.

Anna said she learned a lot more than she thought she would, and she had a lot of fun listening to the senators talk about bills.

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