GRANDVIEW — The decision to appoint a mayor for 2019 will be up to the City Council.

Mayor Norm Childress will take his post as a newly elected Yakima County Commissioner in January.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Councilman Mike Everett addressed the rest of the council body, stating he believes the process for appointing a person to the position should be more open than previous practice.

The City Council has twice had to appoint a mayor in the past 30 years. Former Mayor Jesse Palacios resigned his post when he was elected to serve as Yakima County Commissioner, and Former Mayor Mike Bren resigned from the position in 2004.

Both times, the mayor pro tem was appointed to the post.

Everett said the perception could be the decision is not transparent, and he wants to change that by opening the process to the general public.

Childress said his plans are to tender his resignation, effective Dec. 12.

“I plan to see the position through the budget process,” he said.

Opening the position to anyone interested in serving as mayor, Everett said, “… doesn’t restrict.”

Anyone who chooses to be among the applicants will have to run for election next year. They will need to file for election in May.

That’s because the appointee is being selected as mayor for the remainder of Childress’ four-year term, which expires in 2019.

Councilwoman Gloria Mendoza voiced her objection to Everett’s proposal, stating she believes the previous process worked well.

Making it clear she is interested in serving as mayor and running for election to the position next year, she said it’s important to have a mayor who has experience and “… who’s put in the work.

“The process (past) works because you have people with a vested interest and experience,” Mendoza said, adding she doesn’t want to “waste valuable time” selecting a mayor who is not invested in the position long-term.

The discussion took place during the City Council Committee of the Whole meeting. During the regular meeting, Everett’s proposal was put to a vote.

It was decided 5-2 to advertise for the mayor’s position with Mendoza and Mayor Pro Tem Bill Moore dissenting.

An advertisement was posted Wednesday morning to the City’s website, stating declarations of interest for qualified individuals (a registered voter who’s been a resident of the city 1 year or longer) are being accepted through Nov. 27.

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