Woman sues Granger and former police chief

Robert Perales

GRANGER — A relationship gone sour for a former police chief has now gone sour for current and former officials city officials.

Imelda Contreras, formerly Imelda Mancinas, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Yakima on April 9 against former Police Chief Robert Perales, saying she was harmed over an extended period by stalking, harassment and threats of violence.

The suit is the latest in a spate of legal issues Perales has faced because of his behavior after Contreras ended the relationship.

But Contreras didn’t stop with Perales, who is her ex-boyfriend. Others named as plaintiffs are the City of Granger, Mayor Jose Trevino and former mayors Charles Wheaton, Gary Anderson, Ramona Fonseca, David Leach and their spouses and John Does 1-3.

The lawsuit sets out some of the evidence of abuse that will be heard in court.

“As a result, Imelda was injured in an amount to be proven at trial,” the lawsuit states.

Contreras is represented by Seattle attorneys Seth Rosenberg and Aaron Rocke. They say the city and the former mayors were responsible because they had reason to know that Perales was engaged in inappropriate conduct.

“Granger asked Perales to step down from his role as chief in the face of allegations of abuse of power, yet Granger later promoted him again to chief,” Rocke commented.

The Daily Sun was unable to contact Perales’ attorney of Bill Pickett of Yakima for comment.

The federal lawsuit is the latest in a series of court proceedings against Perales.

In 2015 he was charged in Yakima County District Court for domestic violence against Contreras.

Nearly a year later, Perales was charged with stalking-domestic violence with a weapons enhancement and first-degree perjury due to allegations related to the original case.

He pled guilty to false swearing and received a plea agreement last year for the 2016 case.

As a result, Perales also lost his law enforcement credentials following a hearing with the Criminal Justice Training Commission.

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