YAKIMA — A Grandview man is facing an attempted eluding charge, and potentially a driving under the influence charge, after leading Yakima Police on a high-speed chase last Friday.

Jose Carlos Cervantes Perez, 29, was accused of nearly causing a crash on North First Street, and the other motorist flagged down a patrol vehicle to tell an officer about the incident.

The motorist pointed to the offending vehicle, and the officer pursued it, a narrative submitted to Yakima County Superior Court on Dec. 24 said.

The officer said the pick-up truck, driven by a man later identified as Perez, was traveling under the speed limit and veered several times before being quickly righted.

At East Mead Avenue, the pick-up made a wide turn westbound, crossing the center lane for a lengthy period of time before centering it in the curb lane, the officer noted.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and upon approaching the driver, the vehicle sped off. The officer returned to his vehicle and followed suit with lights and sirens blaring down Ledwich and West Logan avenues before the pick-up sped through a stop sign at West Logan and South First avenues.

The officer ceased the pursuit, alerting other officers via radio to the direction the pick-up was seen traveling.

Soon after, officers in the area notified him the pick-up had crashed into a house at 1220 S. Third Ave.

Residents who’d been inside the home at the time of the crash told police the driver of the vehicle fled the scene on foot.

He was located and arrested. The man was then identified via his driver’s license as Perez.

Officers noted he exhibited symptoms of being intoxicated at the scene.

Yakima Police requested he be charged with driving under the influence, hit-and-run and eluding.

Breath samples showed he had blood alcohol levels of .122/.128 and .116/.121, which is above the legal limit of .08, according to the narrative.

A record check also revealed Perez was driving with a suspended license, the records show.

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