New Granger solar farm

New Granger solar farm has the front-end infrastructure in place. The cement blocks will have the solar panels attached to them. The General Contractor is Apollo and the subcontractor is PCI Renewables.

GRANGER — With the 2019 Washington State General Election results all but certified, Granger incumbent Mayor Jose Trevino’s reelection bid appears successful. Trevino garnered 159 or 58.24 percent of the vote and third-term council woman, mayoral challenger Julie Sharp received 112 votes or 41.03 percent of the vote.

All regular ballots are tallied in Yakima County, according to the Elections Office, sans a handful of contested ballots.

With reelection likely, and election certification slated for Nov. 26, Trevino spoke by phone regarding his top priorities for his next term.

“I want my next term to be equally impactful, involved and just as collaborative,” said Trevino.

“We have a few projects, slash developments going, I am very excited about,” stated Trevino. The three projects which Grangerites will see immediately are the development of a small solar farm, the construction of new mid-range homes and the reconstruction of Second and Mentzer Avenues. The projects are impending and each underwritten by a combination of grants, designated city funds and or grants, Trevino explained.

Second and Mentzer Avenues near the Granger High School are getting a facelift, said Trevino. Transportation Improvement Board grant funds are the primary source for the $550 million road rehab project, slated to start soon.

Already underway is the 14-unit new housing subdivision, also located off Second Avenue. The housing addition is being constructed by local venture capital group, Anahi Investments of Granger. Two of the planned 14 residential homes are already proceeding, said Trevino.

The final immediate project is the development of the new, small solar farm which is sited at park located at Third Street and SR 223. A low-interest 15-year loan to build the solar farm will generate enough revenue each year to pay the loan costs, then create revenue with funding is paid off.

“I am going to continue the high levels of collaboration,” said Trevino. “There’s a lot of work to be done.”

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