Trickinnex, a Naches tree service company took down the large evergreen trees near Harrison Middle school. The trees were causing trouble with irrigation lines. The roots were breaking through the bus lane asphalt, district officials explained.

SUNNYSIDE — The stately, if messy, evergreen trees that graced the Sunnyside School bus lanes between Chief Kamiakin Elementary and Sunnyside High School have gone away.

“The trees, were infested with pine beetles, along the bus lane were causing problems with raising up the asphalt and crossing irrigation lines,” School District facilities manager Jeremy Hazzard explained.

Hazzard said the district removed six trees; one tree was dropping pitch, sap and damaging the tennis courts between the Harrison Middle School and the high school.

“The massive root systems of the 50-year-old trees were also creating havoc in the area, beside just being messy.

“We felt it was time to remove them to stop further damage,” Hazzard added.

Removing the trees was a tough decision, Hazzard admitted, “…but we hope to replace them with trees which are more suitable for the area,”

“We contacted local arborists about the types of trees to replace the evergreens,” he remarked, saying maples or might be future tree choices.

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