I Saw it in the Sun: April 14, 2021

April 16, 1991; Special Olympians true winners — Raul Magano lets the softball fly in last Saturday’s Special Olympics Track & Field Meet competition. Magano threw the ball 19.1 meters.

April 13, 1911 – ‘A Big Egg’ – Mrs. Riddle, a bird fancier of North Yakima, owns a hen which laid an egg 8 inches by 6 inches, but Miss Bernice Barnes, a fancier of Sunnyside owns a silver laced Wyandotte hen which laid an egg that beats this measurement by one-half inch.

April 14, 1921 – ‘Local Druggist Receives Recognition’ – A.J. Mock, owner of Sunnyside’s Rexall Store, was one of the 825 Rexall dealers, selected from the 12,000 dealers over the entire United States and Canada, to be placed on the Honor Roll of International Association of Rexall Clubs. In the list of “super Rexallites” the names are grouped into several classes according to population figures; Sunnyside being grouped in the towns ranging from 1500 to 2000.

‘Automobile Accident’ – On Monday afternoon, Ralph Snowden driving a Buick ran into a Ford car driven by W. Troxtell, just in front of the Wilson garage. The Ford was considerably damaged and was towed into the garage for repairs. No one was injured.

April 16, 1931 – ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ – While engaged in a friendly tussle Tuesday evening, Gregory Potts’ left arm was broken at the elbow. He and Leslie Amundson were wrestling.

April 17, 1941 – ‘Asparagus Cutting Is School Problem’ – Pointing out that asparagus cutting among students of high school age was really getting to be a problem, school superintendent F.L. Sincock this week announced the new policy. He said that students working in the grass must report to school not later than 11 a.m., and then went on to explain that out of the 465 enrollment, 300 were working in asparagus.

April 13, 1961 – ‘Car Plunge Into Canal Result Of Malicious Mischief’ – A runaway car caused confusion Friday night around 11:30 when Reese Thomas heard a commotion outside and went to investigate. He found his car nosed into the nearby Snipes Canal.

He found his car in the ditch after he followed its tracks:

Across Grant Avenue.

Across Bruno Nathlich’s yard.

Over a rock wall.

And ending up with it’s front end in the ditch and the back end on the canal bank.

Investigation indicates the police said, that the car was pushed out of the driveway.

April 15, 1971 – ‘Sunnyside track team wins 1st three meets’ – Sunnyside’s track team showed unusual power in its first three meets of the year by downing Carroll 85-60, West Valley 80-65 and Selah 99-46.

Sunnyside’s star against Carroll was sophomore Rudy Ramos, who won three events, the 120 high hurdles, the 180 low hurdles and the broad jump.

April 15, 1981 – ‘Mabton overpass officially opens’ – Highway Engineer, Don Moore reported the Mabton Highway is officially open as of 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, April 14. The Mabton overpass of I-82 has been closed sinceearly in 1980 for the construction and paving of the bridge.

‘Sunnyside gets Honorable Mention’ – Sunnyside will not get an All-American City Award this year but it was announced by the National Municipal League Inc. that the city had been chosen as one of the nine finalists which were awarded an Honorable Mention. Sunnyside was one of the 19 finalists in the field of several hundred candidate cities.

April 17, 1991 – ‘Birth at home easy on mother’ – Grant Lewis felt right at home, and he should have, for he was born at home, joining his mother, father, and two brothers. Grant Lewis made his appearance Monday morning with the help of a midwife. The seven pound, 13 ounces baby is the son of Leroy and LaRae Ross of Sunnyside. “I would recommend home delivery of a baby to any mother who has been thoroughly screened and who can expect a normal delivery,” Mrs. Ross said.

April 16, 2001 – ‘Hamster drags popular’ – A small group of animal watchers gathered at the Mid Valley Mall for an unusual event. Aqua Tropics hosted its second annual Hamster Drags last Saturday to the delight of spectators and 15 competitors and their small furry friends. The hamsters race around their wheels inside miniature race cars in timed heats according to Dean Snowardt, the master mind behind the unusual race.

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