I Saw it in the Sun: June 16, 2021

June 10, 1971 - GETS GIFT — Mrs. Erwin Roehl had the first baby born during June Dairy Month here and the Yakima Valley Dairy Wives presented her with a gift certificate for milk products. Twyla Boast, Dairy princess, made the presentation to Mrs. Roehl and her 11 pound 12 ounce son. He joins four other boys in the family.

June 8, 1911 – ‘Raid made on poker game Sunday night’ – A successful raid was made, Sunday night, on a poker game that was being carried on in a rooming house connected with one of the local hotels. Night Marshal J.G. Henke deserves credit for having planned and executed the raid. He employed a comparative stranger as a detective and supplied him with a couple of marked five dollar bills. At the proper time this man gave the Marshal the tip and Henke, accompanied by Marshal Hal Webber and Deputy Sheriff I.W. Colby made the raid and found the game in full operation.

June 8, 1911 – ‘A pleasant trip’ – Chris oRwland, E.G. Sisty, Arthur Burton, W.E. Cornell and Paul Waterstrat left Sunnyside, Wednesday of last week in an auto. They thoroughly explored the country south and west of Bickleton, remaining at the town over night. On their way home, all chimed in the refrain, “There’s no place like Sunnyside.”

June 9, 1921 – ‘Notice to Sunnyside Children’ – You should be sure to read Mayor Keyes statement on the institution of a Fly Killing Campaign. Boys and girls who wish to enter for the $10 offered to the most successful in killing flies,must inform H.M. Lichty by card or letter thru the mail.

June 9, 1921 – ‘Hot words over insect in pie’ – A hotel proprietor and a guest nearly came to blows because the latter insisted there was a blue-bottle fly in his blackberry pie. Hot words ensued and the guest left. It subsequently turned out the he was wrong. It was not a blue-bottle fly at all—it was a hornet.

June 18, 1931 – ‘Car returned okeh’ – “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” — and George Mathis quoted Shakespeare in vain. The occasion was Saturday night, when Mathis discovered his sedan had been just naturally “swiped” from its parking place in front of the Nichols jewelry store where he works. Police authority were notified, and Mathis himself gave the country the once-over, but to no avail. Sunday morning about six o’clock, the machine was found on one of the downtown streets. All the parts were there and in place, and with but 22 additional miles recorded, the car was believed to have been taken by some dashing young Romeo with a heavy date, but with nothing to convey her in. No trace of the lovelorn stripling has been found.

June 12, 1941 – ‘Rabbit then coyote celebrates in town’ – Sunnysiders are getting more and more wild animal conscious. Last week a rabbit came in the theatre and now this week a coyote came here for enjoyment too but of a more gastronomical nature.

The coyote entered the outskirts of the town and reached the chicken pen of J.R. Chittick and killed 100 chickens. Chittick was surprised and also surprised the coyote but was unable to capture the animal.

June 19, 1941 – ‘3500 People enjoy big Pioneer Picnic’ – Attracting a crowd of over 3500, the Pioneer Picnic which is sponsored by the Alder Creek Pioneer Association annually, got off to a good start Saturday.

The morning program included numbers by the Bickleton band and the Sunnyside high school band. The visitors were welcomed by the association president, J.I. Wherry. The Bickleton high school chorus sang several beautiful numbers.

The afternoon sports program included Indian parade, running races, relay races, stake races, calf roping, cow riding and bronc riding.

June 14, 1951 – ‘Boy’s leg fractured in ridding accident’ – Terry Matthews, 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Matthews, fractured his left leg Friday while riding a horse on West Emerald road with a companion, Wayne Mustoe. He spent Friday night in Sunnyside Memorial hospital.

June 8, 1961 – ‘LV Swim Club formed; Rotary is sponsor here’ – The Lower Valley Rotary Swim Club was formed Tuesday night in Grandview when representatives of the Rotary Clubs from Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser met at Bleyhl’s Community Library.

The new swim club will be registered with the Amateur Athletic Union, giving members a chance to compete in other AAU sponsored meets and to get records established with the amateur union.

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