June 1, 1911 – ‘Sunnyside Library Rules’ – The privilege of drawing books is free to all residents and taxpayers in the city of limits and to all teachers in the county. Residents of the county may take books upon the payment of one dollar per annum. All others may take books from the library, upon leaving as a deposit with the librarian, an amount equal to the cost of the book taken out; the same to be refunded on return of the book. Two books may be taken out at one time provided only one is fiction.

June 2, 1921 – ‘Loses Valuable Cow’ – The Barnett Dairy lost a valuable registered Holstein cow last week end. There goes a few more quarts of milk and cream.

June 2, 1921 – ‘One Man Crew’ — The paving gang had to quit work on Tuesday, because of the fact that the finisher was still celebrating. He must have a cinch on the job.

June 5, 1941 – ‘Free Swimming: New Pool Okehed’ — The local swimming pool will open tomorrow, Friday, and no admission will be charged. The pool will continue to operate thruout the summer to keep the children out of the canal and ditches, according to word received from the health department.

The plans for the new swimming pool have received the approval of the State WPA office and health department, and the only thing left to be done is to secure the approval of the Washington, D.C. offices and get the allotment. Work will start on it in August or September if it is approved.

May 31, 1951 – ‘Motorist Takes Fire to Station’ — Melvin Covane of Sunnyside took a fire to the fire station yesterday afternoon, Assistant Fire Chief Frank Hawkins reported today.

The hand brake on Covane’s automobile had struck and caused a fire which firemen extinguished with chemicals. Hawkins said.

June 1, 1961 – ‘Tragedy Narrowly Averted When Kids Ride Ferris Wheel in Storm’ — Tragedy was narrowly averted in Granger Thursday when the storm struck the carnival ferris wheel. There were four children on the wheel riding in seats opposite each other. At the top were seven-year-old Suzette Collins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Collins, and five-year-old Steven Bates, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bates. Their seat made a complete somersault throwing Steven out. He clung to the handbar, with the seat overhead, until the two children in the lower seat could be removed and the wheel turned to lower him to the ground. Suzette remained in the seat and tried to assist Steven. When they reached the ground it took several minutes to pry Steven’s hands from the bar. Witnesses said the entire wheel swayed 4 of five feet in the wind. The children were so frightened it took considerable coaxing to get them to try other rides at the carnival.

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