I Saw it in the Sun: March 24, 2021

March 11, 1981; MYERS MONITORS — Sunnysider Ralph Myers, with other Houston IBM programmers, monitors computer data. During the space shuttle flight, the computer complex will provide vital tracking information.

March 16, 1911 – ‘North Coast First Excursion To Yakima’ – There will be a grand excursion to North Yakima, Wednesday, March 22, to celebrate the opening of the North Coast Railroad.

‘Form Districts To Plant Shade Trees’ – City Attorney S.E. Chaffee, at a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Monday evening, called attention to the fact that there are very few shade trees in Sunnyside.

March 17, 1921 – ‘THROUGH TRAINS DUE ON MARCH 27TH’ – Easter Sunday Will Mark Beginning of First Through Train Services Over N.P. Get Nos. 333 and 334 Through From, Seattle to Spokane. Sunny Jim Will Come Down in the Morning Over the Main Line.

‘CITY VAULT DOOR BECOMES LOCKED’ – On Monday afternoon after Councilman M. A. Sprinkle and City Clerk Ellis Taylor had just stepped out of the city vault, the door to the vault jarred shut and locked so that now the city officials are looking for an expert locksmith.

March 12, 1931 – ‘Excellent Painting Made By Local Boy’ – Thomas Delp, although handicapped on account of being deaf, shows how handicaps can be overcome by perseverance. He has been attending the State school for deaf in Vancouver, Washington, for several years.

Thomas has made a name for himself on the track team, setting up some pretty good records. He was elected captain this year.

In his spare time, he took up painting without a tutor, and has some splendid exhibits. The picture below is a photograph showing Thomas standing beside his painting of Mt. Rainier which is on the curtain in the auditorium at the school.

‘Cimarron Days This Friday and Saturday’ – Sixteen merchants of Sunnyside have planned to participate in a special 2-day sales event, March 13-14 in observance of the big feature event, “Cimarron Days.”

March 13, 1941 – ‘BICKLETON ROAD BILL PASSES – White Bluffs road Will Also Be State Secondary Highway’ – The Bickleton and White Bluffs road bill, which was to place them on the secondary state highway system, passed both the Senate and the House of Representatives yesterday.

Feb. 24, 1951 – H.E. Alexander’s dairy in Granger was ranked first in the state in milk and butterfat production.

The Sun reported that 43 Lower Valley military draftees were headed to Army induction in Tacoma.

March 16, 1961 – ‘4-H Rally Scheduled For Friday’ – The annual 4-H Rally will be held Friday evening at the Lincoln School gym starting at 7 p.m. Participating in the rally will be all 4-H Clubs and their leaders from the Lower Valley.

‘“Opening” Prizes Listed By Stores’ – Sunnyside merchants are providing fun and good, hard bargains in their Spring Opening Sale slated for this weekend..

March 11, 1971 – “Curtain to rise Friday on “Mame”’ – “Mame” is the 11th annual production of the Lower Valley Musical Comedy Company and the musical premiere at Lincoln School gym this Friday night.

‘1974 world’s fair in Spokane?’ – Preliminary planning is underway for a “world’s fair” in Spokane in 1974.

March 11, 1981 – ‘Budget crunch will cut, eliminate services – Area feels impact of assistance cutbacks’ – “The impact will be severe, long lasting and most cases devastating,” Ray Garcia, local director of Washington State Social and Health Services said of state and federal cutbacks in the Department of Social and Health Services.

‘Ralph Myers helps with Shuttle mission’ – Ralph Myers, a Sunnyside High School graduate, employed at IBM, Houston is aiding in preparation for the first 54-hour Space Shuttle mission.

March 15, 1991 – ‘A Victory Celebration’ – “We will have great weather for our Victory Parade,” predicts Yolie Hernandez, organizer of Saturday’s Desert Storm Troop Support parade and rally.

‘Fire Dept. reports busiest year in 1990’ – During 1990 more than 1,000 calls were received by local firefighters. They were called to answer nearly three emergencies per day.

‘Grizzly golfers second to Hanford’ – Led by senior Jeff Widdows, the Sunnyside High School Golf team earned runner-up honors yesterday at a four-way match in Richland.

March 16, 2001 – ‘S’side club celebrates women’s history month’ – The Lower Valley Nouvella Club, a women’s organization founded in Sunnyside in 1958, met Thursday and celebrated Women’s History Month, listening to local women of courage and vision. The four speakers, Maria Vigil, Cathy Mears, Mary Ann Bliesner and Margaret Rayburn, came from different parts of the Northwest to the Lower Valley and have made their mark in the community.

‘Soccer team starts season with a win’ – After not posting a single victory last season, the Sunnyside boys soccer team kicked off the year under new head coach Juan Pineda with a win over 4A Southridge in yesterday’s downpour.

March 15, 2011 – ‘Council approves short-term contract for Sunnyside Community Center operations’ – Once again, the citizens of Sunnyside showed up in full force for a city council meeting to support the Sunnyside Community Center operations.

‘Mabton family opens Sunnyside restaurant’ – One thing Sierra Rivera, Duran Rivera and Calixto Rivera can all remember is the home-cooked meals their mother, Rachel Ruelas, would make them while growing up in Mabton.

The family opened Mi Tesoro to offer a better variety of home-cooked breakfast in the area.

‘SHS alum earns PhD’ – Kris Marks, a 1975 graduate of Sunnyside High School, earned a PhD in clinical psychology from Walden University in Minneapolis this past January.

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