I Saw it in the Sun: May 5, 2021

April 29, 1971 - Nearing Completion — Progress is being made rapidly on the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant which is being built on Sixth St. at the corner of Decatur Ave. It is hoped the restaurant will be open for business sometime next month.

April 27, 1911 – ‘A Splendid Hatch’ – J.R. Bennett and son set 147 eggs in a Petaluma incubator. They began to hatch Sunday and these gentlemen stayed up all night to care for the chicks and help some of them out of their shell. They succeeded in hatching 132 chicks, all of which are strong and well.

April 28, 1921 – ‘Can You Collect This $200 Reward’ – H.E. Nicolai, president of the Snipes Mountain Irrigation District, has offered a reward of $200 to the person who produce the evidence that will convict the individuals who cut the main pipe of the Snipes Mountain Irrigation system. So far no trace has been found of the miscreant who willfully sought to destroy public property. However, it is hoped he may be brought to suffer the punishment which he so richly deserves.

April 29, 1971 – ‘Journalism student wins award’ – Thomas J. Lanctot, son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Lanctot, 715 San Clemente Dr., Sunnyside, has been named to receive a $150 Journalism Development Fund scholarship for the fall semester of 1971 at Washington State University, Assistant Professor of Communications Thomas H. Heuterman announced.

April 29, 1981 – ‘Census shows population at 9,225’ – Sunnyside has gained 1474 residents in 10 years, according to the 1980 preliminary census. The 1980 figures now list Yakima County’s second largest city at 9,225, an increase of 36.6 percent over the 1970 count of 6,751.

April 26, 2001 – ‘Linde, Dyke excel at science Olympiad’ – LaDon Linde and Jason Dyke are Sunnyside High School’s official “science guys” after tying for second place honors in the Eastern Washington Regional American Chemical Society International Chemistry Olympiad held recently.

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