For years Larissa Leon has been using duct tape as a crafting item. From backpacks to wallets, Leon’s creativity hit a new high when she took on a brand-new duct tape challenge: taping up a new prom dress.

“I was always really creative as a child,” Leon commented. “I would never really run to the toy section I would always run to the craft section.”

Leon’s love of crafts and Spanish Folkloric style dresses mingled well when it came to the #StuckatProm Duct Tape Scholarship Challenge. The Sunnyside High School senior won a $10,000 grand prize for her dress made of duct tape.

Leon learned about the competition through a YouTube video. From then on, she was determined to sign up.

The inspiration for the dress came from Folkloric dancing that is seen in Indigenous and Spanish cultures.

Leon described the dress as having, “a full skirt with additional black lace trim made out of duct tape.”

The mostly black dress is highlighted with bright colors aligned beautifully with striped and flowered patterns, matching completely the tradition style dresses.

“I was always in love with that type of dancing. Especially with the dresses since they were so flowy and colorful,” Leon added.

Leon discussed how difficult constructing the dress initially was due to there being no instructions.

“The hardest aspect would have to be that there was no instructions, because no one ever makes a tape dress. I couldn’t really look up on YouTube how to make a tape dress. It was definitely all trial and error.”

Leon was grateful her community stepped up to help win the votes over during the competition. “I’m very thankful for my whole community, because I believe that my community had a big factor in me winning.”

Leon also contributes the win to pure dedication. Through school finals - and slight push back from her mom – Leon decided to tackle the scholarship challenge. “I want to do this. So, I stuck to it, and I did it. And I think dedication was a big factor.”

Leon’s dreams of winning the competition came to a head when she received the news on Wednesday, July 21.

After 47 rolls of duct tape, and over 160 hours of construction Leon was crowned grand prize winner in the dress category for the competition.

After graduating from high school Leon plans to attend either University of Washington or UCLA.

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