It’s science fair weekend

Sunnyside High School Freshman Ana Aguayo weighs vegetables she boiled as part of her exploration of “What the impact of nutritional value is in foods due to preservatives?” Aguayo is one of more than 140 young scientists preparing for the annual Sunnyside High school Science Fair Saturday.

SUNNYSIDE — During every spare minute for the past month, science fair students have worked on their experiments in preparation for the annual Sunnyside High School Science Fair, the harbinger to the Mid- Columbia Regional Science Fair held in Kennewick each year.

The local science fair judging will be held Saturday, Feb. 29 from 12:20-5:30 p.m. at the high school with an award ceremony scheduled for Monday, March 2 in the high school library at 7 p.m.

Even on days when there is no school, more than 50 to 60 young scientists gather in school science labs to work on ecology, biology, climate, and horticulture theories.

“More than 145 students are working on lab projects, but we’re not sure how many will actually participate,” freshman science guru Teri Alvarez-Ziegler noted.

She opened her classroom on President’s Day, Feb. 17, for the morning to give students extra testing time.

Founder of the local science fair, Joyce Stark also had her classroom open over the weekend to let students fine tune their projects. She has about 39 upper classmen working on projects for the local fair. “We have a record number of students taking part this year,” she enthused.

“This week they are working afterschool to finish their reports and set up their posters,” Ziegler explained.

Those students earning enough points at the local fair will advance to the Mid-Columbia Regional Science Fair, the oldest science fair in the state, where their projects will be on public display at the Columbia Center Mall from March 12-14.

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