HISTORIC PROPERTY SITE — The 10-acre parcel, located at 8301 Sunnyside Mabton Highway, is currently home to the Mabton Garden Center.

MABTON — Annexation of a 10-acre parcel of land abutting Mabton, on State Route 22 and Sunnyside Mabton Highway, means change and development for the city.

The property, owned by Robert and Barbara Gannon, has been the object of scrutiny and possibility for several years as the parcel has journeyed through a series of formal government processes.

Yakima County and the city of Mabton, updated their respective comprehensive land use plans while also re-designating the property, “Mixed Use/Residential Commercial.” The property is currently home to the Mabton Garden Center.

During the June 25 Mabton City Council meeting, Council member Arturo De La Fuente commented about the successful completion of the required first phase.

Yakima County Commissioner Ron Anderson and Mike Shuttleworth, Planning Director for the Yakima Valley Council of Governments (YVCOG), in attendance, separately expressed congratulations for the diligence and work done, to bring the property to the next phase, which is development.

The future project will bring a Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic and a housing development for seniors, among other projects, to the small community.

The historic property, located at 8301 Sunnyside-Mabton Hwy., was originally intended to be the site for the Gannon Museum of Wagons, by Mabton community member, hop grower and original owner, Dr. William Gannon.

According to Shuttleworth, YVCOG is designated as planning processes and development entity for Mabton and the project lead. He deferred additional project details to the city but noted, “The transaction will help everyone who contributed.”

Calls to the city for additional comment were unreturned.

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