MAINTENANCE CONCERNS ADDRESSED — The doors to the Mabton City Cemetery are open from early morning to dusk. The job of upkeep is large, but visitors should see vast improvements in care, according to city leadership, with the recent hiring of two new public works staff.

MABTON – Care of the dearly departed’s resting place was a topic of lengthy conversation during the Mabton City Council’s regular meeting on Monday, July 22.

With all councilors present, the Council spent more than a third of the one-hour meeting listening to residents and officials alike, all concerned with the lack of continuity and quality of the municipal cemetery’s upkeep.

Mabton citizen Rachel Reynolds shared photos and her ongoing worry for the chronically unkempt condition of the cemetery.

“I want to take my community back,” said Reynolds, “and that means in all the areas.”

According to Mayor Laura Vazquez, cemetery care remains both a priority and a struggle, more so, until recently.

The Public Works Department had been understaffed over a period of months and the scope of work, according to Vazquez, entails projects throughout the city.

The mayor stated two new public works staff were just hired, and a portion of their regular duties include regular upkeep of the 10-acre cemetery.

Following nearly 25 minutes of council discussion, members voiced their personal experiences with cemetery care, no formal action was needed.

Vazquez and the council informally agreed the public works lead will continue to monitor and train new staff, will oversee all cemetery maintenance, report issues and progress to the mayor and be responsible for the quality of staff performance.

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