MABTON — 25-year-old Gerardo Ramos, Jr. is being held at the Yakima County Department of Corrections on a $10,000 bond for theft of a motor vehicle, malicious mischief in the third degree, possession of a stolen vehicle and vehicle prowling in the second degree.

According to court documents, at 5:15 a.m. on June 20, Yakima Sheriff Office officers were dispatched to the 5000 block of East Euclid Road in Mabton in reference to a vehicle prowl report where the reporting party observed Ramos attempting to access a red Honda Civic, causing less than $750 worth of damages.

Ramos was seen attempting to flee in a white Chevrolet Colorado when confronted by the reporting party and other subjects. Court documents also confirmed that Ramos was being detained at the E. Euclid location.

After a police search of Ramos was conducted by YSO Deputy Kramer, multiple key rings including the vehicle registration for the Colorado were found on Ramos’ person.

Officers connected Ramos to a separate incident which occurred Saturday, June 20, at 4:30 a.m. where a Chevrolet Colorado was reported stolen from the Chevron gas station on Mabton’s Main Street.

The owner of the Colorado confirmed Ramos had stolen the vehicle and an employee of the gas station corroborated with officers also identifying Ramos by name as being at the location at the time of the vehicle’s theft.

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