PEARL HARBOR DAY — Richard Parker of Prosser and Miss Sunnyside Princess Kaydience Porter, Miss Sunnyside Abigael Marquez and MacKenzie Evans gathered at the Jerry Taylor Veterans Memorial Plaza for a few moments in observance of Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7.

SUNNYSIDE — The dance card of holiday events was brimming last weekend for the Sunnyside community. The Lighted Farm Implement Parade was the showstopper, but many new programs filling in the hours and meeting the whims of residents and visitors. For the patriotic, the scheduled 11 a.m. Pearl Harbor Day commemoration ceremony fell short due to American Legion member illness.

Although the local American Legion posted the need to cancel on the Sunnyside Rotary’s Facebook page, the notice was not seen by all.

Attending the annual day of remembrance at the Jerry Taylor Veterans’ Memorial Plaza on Ninth Street were the Miss Sunnyside Court and their chaperone, two Prosser veterans, Sen. R-WA James Honeyford and three members of the press. No service organization in sight.

The traditional gathering which honors “A day of infamy” 78 years ago Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy killed more than 2,400 Americans stationed in Pearl Harbor.

Richard Parker, a Prosser retired Navy civilian ship builder, with 30 years of service in Seattle, came for the ceremony.

He said he always attends vet activities in the area out of respect for his dad, who was a WWII veteran.

The Miss Sunnyside Court was in attendance. Miss Sunnyside, Abigael Marquez, said her grandfather was a veteran, and her father knew all her grandfather’s military stories.

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