Eli Quinones

Eli Quinones

SUNNYSIDE — One of the first challenges Eli Quinones faced as the new administrator at Prestige Care and Rehabilitation is a shortage of nurses.

It’s a challenge his facility and local hospitals are all facing.

“Once upon a time, career choices were to be a nurse or a teacher, now we face shortages in both career paths,” Quinones, who has worked in long term care for 35 years, commented.

Adding his current challenges, the former Echo Park, Calif. resident faces a shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or their equivalent.

“We also need more local health care providers for our residents,” he added.

To meet the issue, he is working to put together a program to cooperate with the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinics to make use of their interns in the nursing home setting.

“I think working with local providers will work out very well,” Quinones remarked.

Quinones knows about facing challenges in long term aging care. He owned and operated four nursing homes before retiring.

Finding that retirement after a few years wasn’t for him, he sought out opportunities to work with a reputable company.

“I found that Prestige Care and Rehabilitation is such a company,” he remarked, adding he has been on the job for the past two months.

In addition to getting acquainted with his staff, Quinones is eager to get involved in the community.

“I hope to find a place where my skills can be used,” he offered.

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