UPGRADED FIRE ENGINE — Sunnyside Fireman Dennis Blumer prepares to take a test drive in the 2012 Pierce Velocity Rescue Engine which will be joining the local fire department in November.

SUNNYSIDE — The city council has approved the purchase of a 2012 Pierce Velocity Rescue Engine to replace the city fire department’s 1982 fire reserve Engine 12.

The Pierce engine is a combination firefighting rig and EMT aid unit, explained Fire Chief Ken Anderson.

“Basically, the city is getting a factory-approved apparatus at a third of the price of a brand new one,” Anderson explained.

A brand new engine would cost more than $800,000 while this engine, which was in service just three years before going into storage, is completely upgraded, provides several options for the department, all at the cost of $229,000 not including sales tax the fire chief said.

“It’s a good deal and it is in ideal condition,” he concluded.

The council agreed to purchase the truck for the $262,320, which includes radios and lettering. “We’ll retrofit the hoses and ladders from the engine 12, which we will decommission,” Anderson said.

The dual role apparatus and expenses, according to the chief, is a 65/35 cost allocation plan – with $170,508 charged to the ambulance utility fund, and $50,335 from the general fund, plus $41,477 from fire apparatus replacement fund and monies received from the reimbursement from the Department of Natural Resources.

“Engine 12’s pumps are failing, and it needs to be replaced, however, the city was unable to fund an immediate replacement,” Chief observed.

“We went looking for an alternative course of action,” Anderson noted.

“This truck come to us when sales reps contacted the SFD which was exploring a combination fire engine/EMS rescue engine,” he explained.

It is in near factory condition and in compliance with NFPA standards.

Anderson said the engine will undergo a complete warranty check and will be shipped to Sunnyside in November.

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