El Caballo

NEW STAGE — Valentin Castillo shows off the new stage at El Caballo (the former Dark Horse Inn). Castillo, his brother and uncle are partners in the Sunnyside night club.

SUNNYSIDE — The iconic Dark Horse Inn at 1400 Yakima Valley Highway is now under new ownership.

It already has a new name, and soon, it will have a complete facelift.

El Caballo (The Horse) is the new name for the popular night club. It will continue to promote popular area bands, which specialize in Hispanic music and even some mariachi music, announced owner Valentin Castillo of Sunnyside.

He and his partners, brother Patricio Castillo and uncle Gil Candido, took over ownership of the club in January.

The club was formerly operated by Sunnyside businessman Rosendo Magana.

“We changed the name, but wanted to keep the horse image,” Castillo explained.

The men have already finished extensive clean-up inside the building.

Castillo has been concentrating on redecorating the former combination restaurant-dance hall with its new western theme.

“We plan to be updating the exterior and adding the new signage with El Caballo soon,” Castillo noted, adding the interior has been given a whole new look.

“We will be repainting the exterior soon,” Castillo promised.

From comments on the club’s Facebook page, the “service is buen (good), and the dance floor is clean” at El Caballo.

A musician and businessman, Castillo said music is in his blood.

He formed his first band with his brother when he was 13, and they played locally for about 10 years.

“My dad was in a mariachi band and played everywhere,” the young Castillo noted.

He has been with the Latin Grammy nominated Los Canarios for the past 18 years.

“We just finished our 11th album,” he added.

Los Canarios just got back from a weekend gig in California, and “… we will be playing at the Cinco de Mayo celebration Sunday night,” he announced.

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