SECOND HARVEST MOBILE MARKET — Emma Duyn, relationship manager, holds a box full of food for a woman in a walking boot, along with 18 Northwest FCS volunteers participate in the free food giveaway from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. last Thursday, Sept. 5. Within the first 45 minutes, more than 180 families had been served.

SUNNYSIDE — Second Harvest’s Mobile Market rolled into the parking lot at Northwest Farm Credit Services where 18 branch volunteers assisted with a free food giveaway from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. last Thursday, Sept. 5.

Emma Duyn and Nestor Garcia, Northwest FCS relationship managers, aided in carrying the weighted containers of food to parked vehicles that packed the area. “We’re happy to give back to our community and it’s very rewarding,” they shared in unison with both helping, their hands full of groceries.

Lower valley residents in need showed up early to the 2735 Allen Rd. location and waited patiently in line which stretched through the parking lot for the fresh produce and variety of groceries for families, children and seniors.

Participants made their way around to the final food station where Heather Gregory, insurance specialist was busy passing out loaves of bread, English muffins and hamburger or hot dog buns.

She said the branch has sponsored a mobile food event before and it’s a part of their culture.

“It’s fun to get to do this… and super rewarding. I love it,” Gregory exclaimed.

Within the first 45 minutes, more than 180 families had been served informed Mobile Market Coordinator Todd Kennedy. He added the truck carries out about two to three events per week in Eastern Washington. All the food is donated from all the big distributors in Spokane, except for the local beef which was purchased.

“I loaded up the truck this morning at 5 a.m. … We’re giving out approximately 9,000 pounds of food,” Kennedy confirmed.

Financial Specialist Eva Leon explained how each employee performs 20 hours of local volunteering and donates toward their “100 percent Committed Program.” Those funds support special gifts, like the items purchased in the assembly of 150 toiletry bags which were also passed out during the event.

September is Hunger Action Month – a month where people all over America stand together to fight hunger and raise awareness in helping feed children, adults and seniors in need.

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