Throughout the pandemic, residents may have noticed cars queuing up at 906 East Edison Avenue where Nuestra Casa is nestled comfortably. The local nonprofit organization has been restlessly providing services to the local immigrant community and their work has been recognized at the state level.

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW), Washington’s local not-for-profit Medicaid (Apple Health) and Medicare recently announced recipients of its $250,000 Community Health Equity Fund and among the 25 community-based organizations, Sunnyside’s Nuestra Casa was listed and will be receiving a $10,000 grant for its efforts.

The equity fund was specifically designed to aid in significant health disparities in Washington state towards Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities that disproportionately contracted and died from the COVID-19. “To achieve a more equitable health care system, we must first recognize both the health disparities that exist in our communities, as well as the systemic barriers that perpetuate those inequities, particularly for people of color,” said Leanne Berge, CEO of Community Health Plan of Washington and Community Health Network of Washington.

According to a release from CHPW, these health inequities continue as these same communities experience lower vaccination rates than any other Washington populations, reflecting systematic disparities in health care.

“We appreciate our hard work being recognized by CHPW. We believe this is a great opportunity to build support for our immigrant community and to continue offering COVID-19 relief services,” Nuestra Casa Executive Director Caty Padilla expressed in appreciation in being recognized for providing the BIPOC community of Sunnyside with exceptional health care.

Nuestra Casa has been a vital part of the Sunnyside community as it has not only provided health support during the pandemic but also access to basic education for adult immigrants struggling with proficiency in the English language, reading, and writing.

As the Latino population is prominent in the lower valley, Nuestra Casa is a necessity for the community to thrive and has been recognized as such through the CHPW.

Nuestra Casa programs are also located in Grandview, Granger, Mabton, Outlook, Toppenish, and Zillah.

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