SUNNYSIDE — As the general advisories led by School District Superintendent Kevin McKay and Communications Director Jessica Morgan continue, the biggest factor is community participation.

On Wednesday, July 1, at 5:30 p.m., McKay discussed with the general advisory compiled of parents, district staff and community members details of the models what the beginning of the fall term may look like.

The three models discussed were the Continuous Learning 2.0 model, Hybrid model, and Full Time. Continuous Learning 2.0 is the online distance learning like what students and teachers experienced last spring, but at a higher level. The Hybrid model splits Continuous Learning and going to school in person on a rotating schedule. Full Time would mean students return to school as what was traditionally done, but with masks and social distancing measures in place.

McKay highlighted in the advisory a survey that will be open until Friday, July 10, asking for parents’ and other involved members of the community their opinions and thoughts on the three models discussed in the advisory.

The survey details how the models will be implemented and how parents feel about sending their children back to school. McKay conveyed “We know this survey doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover some very important things that we need to know from the perspective of parents in order to make some decisions moving forward to reopening school.”

While a decision will have to be made regardless, McKay stressed that the data parents can provide is preferable as there are people who may not want to join the advisories but want their voice heard. “So, this survey, we hope, will be that tool,” he surmised.

The superintendent also emphasized that this will most likely not be the last survey parents will be asked to take a part of. As the beginning of the school year approaches, “if we land on a model that we want to continue to refine and work on, I fully believe we’re going to need to gather more input and data,” McKay expressed.

The survey can be found on the school district website under the Reopening Schools Advisory dropdown tab. Questions about the survey can be directed to the email address,

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