PLANS UNDERWAY — The location of Sunnyside’s newest fitness center is currently an empty shell, Maleah Latting said. But, it will soon be completely refurbished to contain all the workout equipment needed for members.

SUNNYSIDE — There’s going to be a new option for people who are looking for a gym where they don’t feel intimidated.

Planet Fitness is expected to open at 2600 Yakima Valley Highway on June 1.

In town to help train staff last week was Maleah Latting, general manager of the Sierra Vista, Ariz. location.

She said the company owners saw a need for a location in Sunnyside, which has a handful of gyms.

However, the high traffic area, they felt could use a gym with a different philosophy, befitting of different lifestyles, Latting said.

“What makes us different is it’s a judgment free zone… we don’t cater to body and power lifting,” she said, emphasizing the company’s motto.

Everyone should feel comfortable when seeking to improve themselves, and Planet Fitness believes in catering to first-time gym users, as well as people who’ve not visited a gym in a long time.

“There are people who like to work out their own way,” Latting said, noting some like an environment where there isn’t any pressure.

Some people like to work out at their own pace or without anyone else around, she said.

It’s about living a healthier lifestyle, Latting noted.

The general manager of the new location, Stacey Lang agreed, stating the added benefit of joining Planet Fitness is the fitness trainers, who work with people to customize workouts based on personal history and needs.

“We bring a better value,” she said, referencing the membership fees that are lower than other gyms.

“The goal is to make certain people don’t go broke just to stay healthy,” Lang said.

Latting said, “Some people work out to indulge themselves, while others are just trying to stay healthy.”

Equipment is easy for anyone to use, she said. That makes it easy for a person to go at their own pace, based on the workout they are most comfortable with.

“The cardio machines have a green button to go, red for stop,” Latting said, using an example.

The strength machines have guides to assist a person in establishing the routine they are most comfortable with, she said.

“The big thing is meeting with fitness instructors in small groups and having a program custom designed for your needs,” Lang said.

The trainers help a person learn how to properly use the equipment, guiding a person regarding how the muscle groups are used, she said.

The classes with trainers are open and members can take as many as they wish, Latting said, adding those classes are on a rotating schedule to accommodate members.

Access to the gym will be 24/7, providing flexibility for people, “… because why not work out in the middle of the night?” she quipped.

Lang said there’s more than just workout equipment that will be available. There’s the black card spa membership, enabling members use of a stand-up tanning booth, two tanning beds, the hydro massage (one standing and two beds), two massage lounges, two massage chairs and a total body enhancement capsule.

“The total body enhancement vibrates and tones,” Latting said, noting legs, abs, arms and glutes are toned.

It also uses red light therapy, which helps the skin produce collagen to make it healthier, she said.

“Just watching members do it pre-workout… it’s a good thing… it sells itself,” Latting said, admitting she’s never taken advantage of the apparatus herself.

In addition to serving the community’s health needs, she noted Planet Fitness partners with and supports Boys and Girls Club. The Sunnyside location, she said, will work with the Prosser chapter.

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