WELCOME HOLOGIC GENIUS 3D — Verlaine Schneider, Mammography Technologist, R.T. (R)(M), is shown sterilizing the new, state-of-the art mammography equipment, the only one of its kind, available for women’s mammography between Ellensburg and Walla Walla.

PROSSER — Women of the valley wanting to schedule their annual mammography screening, need drive no further than Prosser for the best care.

That excellence became available for the first time on Saturday, Oct. 5, when Prosser Memorial Health held its annual Fall Health Fair by offering mammograms using its new high definition, 3D equipment.

The state-of-the-art equipment is the perfect accompaniment to the highly skilled staff in the mammography department.

Verlaine Schneider, Mammography Technologist, R.T. (R)(M), who has been serving patients for more than 40 years in the X-ray and Mammography fields, is passionate about the ability to enhance their department’s care and outcomes, using the newly installed Hologic Genius 3D mammography equipment.

The technology is the first of its kind available between Ellensburg to Walla Walla.

The Hologic equipment has a “Smart Curve Paddle,” which offers an unheard of, but highly desirable adjustable fit, for women. So, Schneider and her co-worker, Mandy Hibbs, R.T., (R)(M) (CT) (BD), can produce the pictures faster, with greater quality and far more comfort than in the recent past.

Schneider says while the equipment is the ultimate for anyone in her profession, it takes a highly skilled professional team to achieve a renowned level of excellence the machine is capable of.

She wants all women to know they do not need a physician’s order for a regular exam.

“Contact us, we can get you set up,” Schneider added. But for women who may have noticed an issue or lump, they should contact their doctor first to get an order so the look during the exam is appropriate to the concern, she acknowledged.

For an appointment or more information call 509-786-5596 or visit prosserhealth.org.

Deb Brumley can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email DBrumley@sunnysidesun.com

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