YAKIMA — A Grandview man accused of trying to steal a 3-wheeler from an area farm faces first-degree assault, first-degree robbery, theft of a motor vehicle and first-degree attempted assault.

Miguel Longoria, 20, allegedly stabbed the owner of a 3-wheeler he was trying to steal in the 2500 block of Stover Road last Wednesday, June 26, according to a narrative submitted to Yakima County Superior Court Judge Richard H. Bartheld last Thursday, June 27.

The owner told Yakima County Sheriff’s deputies he confronted Longoria, who attacked him with a knife before leaving in a Chevrolet pick-up for which the victim had a partial license plate number.

The assault also led to an eye injury sustained by the victim, which resulted in the loss of the eye.

A deputy spotted the pick-up Longoria was said to have left the scene in, and the deputy conducted a traffic stop during which Longoria taken into custody, the narrative stated.

The deputy also spotted a rifle inside the vehicle, and Longoria allegedly admitted to getting into a fight with a man “at an abandoned house to fix it up and claim it as his own.”

He told the deputy he was in possession of the rifle because he intended it for protection, but when asked if he intended to shoot the man he’d been in a fight with, Longoria allegedly admitted he did.

Bartheld issued a no-contact order, protecting the victim. He set bail at $250,000 and set an arraignment date for July 11.

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