ZILLAH — Kenia Jacqueline Estrada-Rochin of Sunnyside, 28, is being held on a $1,000,000 bond prior to her preliminary hearing before Judge Richard H. Bartheld on Nov. 9 for second degree murder charges in the alleged shooting of Sunnyside man, Jorge Alberto Villafan, 60, on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

According to court documents, Yakima County Sherriff’s Office (YSO) deputies and Zillah Police Department (ZPD) officers responded to a call on the 900 block of Eagle Peak Road regarding a male who had been shot multiple times in a pickup.

With the assistance of ZPD, YSO detectives were able to discuss a possible suspect with the reporting party. The reporting party was close to Villafan and had disclosed that it may have been Estrada-Rochin. The two were having an affair according to the reporting party and Estrada-Rochin had allegedly owed Villafan a significant amount of money.

Detectives Duggan and Reyna of YSO made contact with Estrada-Rochin and discovered a box of ammo in her vehicle that she would not account for, allowing the detectives to seize the vehicle for the investigation.

After seizing phones and Estrada-Rochin’s vehicle, detectives were contacted by a confidential informant that Estrada-Rochin was attempting to leave the country.

On Nov. 6, detectives arrested the 28-year-old and is currently held at the Yakima County Department of Corrections.

Villafan’s death marked the 29th homicide in the Yakima Valley this year.

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