WAPATO — Suspect and victim have been named in the murder that occurred in the 1300 block of North Track Road on March 15.

Raymond “Ray” Graham was named the deceased man in his residence in Wapato.

According to court documents, Graham was an attendee of a competition shoot and campout at a nearby residence of an Archery Club party on the evening of March 14 into the morning of March 15.

Among the campout attendees was a 17-year-old Beau Hays, who was there with some family members. Graham was reported by Hays to have gotten into an argument with Hays’ older stepbrother briefly.

After everyone had gone to sleep, Graham and Hays had gone back to Graham’s residence to smoke marijuana. Hays said that when he rode back on Graham’s quad, they got into a heated argument about the disagreement Hays’ stepbrother had with Graham earlier in the night.

Hays confronted Graham who then punched Hays a couple of times. Hays then pulled out his rifle, which was in his pant leg. Hays fired his weapon and shot Ray in the chest once.

Hays confessed this to Detective J. Duggan of the Yakima Sheriff’s Office and said Graham talked down to him and disrespected his family which is a line not to be crossed. He said that he felt bad about what happened but did what he had to do.

Beau Hays is being held on Murder 2 at $500,000 bail in Juvenile Detention.

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