21C19646 06:48:03 11/29/21 Accident No Inj PLEASANT AVE, GRANDVIEW, W C3E CLO

21C19651 08:05:55 11/29/21 Burglary YAKIMA VALLEY HWY, GRANGER C3E INA

21C19653 08:47:39 11/29/21 Welfare Check CEMETERY RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA C3E CLO

21C19667 13:49:46 11/29/21 Illegal Dumping E PARKER HEIGHTS RD, WAPAT C3E ACT

21C19671 15:32:37 11/29/21 Information HORNBY RD, GRANDVIEW, WA C3E CLO

21C19674 14:00:52 11/29/21 Animal Problem YAKIMA VALLEY HWY, WAPATO, C3E CLO

21C19679 18:18:17 11/29/21 Accident No Inj SCOON RD & VAN BELLE RD, S C3E CAA

21C19680 18:51:22 11/29/21 Suspicious Circ SUNNYSIDE MABTON RD, GRAND C3E CLO

21C19685 21:13:47 11/29/21 Domestic-Ipv BRADEN RD;, GRANDVIEW, WA C3E CLO

21C19688 21:54:01 11/29/21 Agency Assist BUENA RD, BUENA, WA C3E CLO

21C19689 21:50:46 11/29/21 Abandoned Vehic STATE ROUTE 241 & ERICKSON C3E CLO

21C19693 23:58:25 11/29/21 Welfare Check OUTLOOK RD, OUTLOOK, WA C3E CLO

21C19697 04:18:38 11/30/21 Accident Hitrun ALDERDALE RD; U:28, MABTON C3E ACT

21C19710 11:23:28 11/30/21 Suspicious Circ W RIVERSIDE AVE, SUNNYSIDE C3E CLO

21C19712 11:13:55 11/30/21 Fraud WOODWORTH RD, GRANDVIEW, W C3E ACT

21C19719 13:32:40 11/30/21 Traffic Hazard BUENA RD & YAKIMA VALLEY H C3E ACT

21C19721 14:16:35 11/30/21 Theft OUTLOOK RD, OUTLOOK, WA C3E INA

21C19729 16:43:13 11/30/21 Information KROUGH RD, GRANDVIEW, WA C3E ACT

21C19730 18:12:25 11/30/21 Agency Assist ALBRO RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA C3E CLO

21C19734 17:50:12 11/30/21 Welfare Check BARBEE RD, ZILLAH, WA C3E CLO

21C19738 19:41:45 11/30/21 Shots Fired SCOON RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA C3E CLO

21C19741 20:34:07 11/30/21 Accident No Inj MOHAR RD & N COUNTY LINE R C3E UNF

21C19745 21:17:08 11/30/21 Animal Problem CHARVET RD, GRANDVIEW, WA C3E CLO

21C19758 02:32:43 12/01/21 Agency Assist SUNNYSIDE MABTON RD; MP2, C3E CLO

21C19770 09:57:36 12/01/21 Welfare Check YAKIMA VALLEY HWY; U:22, G C3E CLO

21C19783 13:33:19 12/01/21 Agency Assist ALBRO RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA C3E INA

21C19785 14:26:07 12/01/21 Mal Mischief B ST, OUTLOOK, WA C3E CAA

21C19786 14:57:27 12/01/21 Abandoned Vehic BLK DONALD WAPATO RD, WAPA C3E CLO

21C19794 15:49:46 12/01/21 Theft-Vehicle BETHANY RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA C3E ACT

21C19798 16:40:25 12/01/21 Illegal Dumping 5TH AVE, MABTON, WA C3E CLO

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