SUNNYSIDE – A fire believed to have started in the attic of a two-story house at 2320 E. Lincoln Ave Friday, Nov 13, displaced Sylvia Pacheo, 35, and her husband and their two children.

Fortunately, no one was home when the fire broke out, Pacheo, a Prestige Care and Rehabilitation nurse, said. “Only the family dog and cat which were outside,” she noted.

“I learned my house was on fire when a CNA (certified nurse’s assistant) knocked on my door to tell me,” Pacheo said. She arrived on the scene as firefighters from Sunnyside and Grandview Fire Departments converged on the scene at 12:30 p.m.

“It took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to bring it under control for the 20 firefighters from Sunnyside, Grandview, Mabton and Yakima County Fire District #5 at the scene,” SFD Battalion Chief Bill Harris reported.

“Everything was destroyed,” Pacheo conveyed. She said all the contents of the house were fire, water or smoke damaged. “To make matters even more distressing, vandals broke in over night and destroyed more of the items in the house,” she imparted. “It just made the things worse.”

Now staying with family members, she imparted that the Red Cross provided her family with a debit card so “we could get some clothing and essentials.”

“We’re all safe, even our dog Missy and cat, Ash, which make my two children happy,” Pacheo remarked.

“My four-year-old was worried about his cowboy hat. Luckily, it was safe in the truck,” she added.

“The cause of the fire is under investigation,” Harris said.

“Estimated damage to the structure and belongings is $250,000,” he added.

Traffic on East Lincoln Avenue was shut down for approximately 2 ½ hours.

Pacheo’s residence is among the remaining homes known as Sugar Beet Row, once owned by the U&I Sugar Beet Company. The Craftsman-style homes were built for the Sugar Beet Company management in early 1918 when the factory first opened in Sunnyside.

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