SUNNYSIDE — Work on the city’s 65-year-old water tank atop Harrison Hill, known as the Skyline Reservoir, began last year.

It’s the tallest of the tanks, bearing the name of the city and can be seen for a few miles out.

There are two phases to the revitalization of the tank, which supplies water to local residents.

Last October, the first phase of the project, was completed.

That involved the structural footings and a building a road for better access, Public Works Director Shane Fisher said.

The second phase, due to take place this summer and fall, will involve further stabilization of the structure and patching areas where the interior lining gives way to rust.

In phase I, contractors drilled micropiles, 40 of which reach the bedrock, and established footings surrounding the tank.

The footings, Fisher said, are concrete and have large bolts sticking out of them. Those will be covered with “chairs” during part II.

“The chairs are structural components that will be welded to the tank,” Fisher said, noting that is how the tank will be secured to the footings for stability.

The ladders inside the tank and some of the piping will be replaced, as well.

Fisher said the tank was first constructed in 1954 and although the original lining is still sealed, there are areas of corrosion.

“That tank still has its original paint… it’s in pretty good shape,” Fisher said.

The interior and exterior coating will be replaced where needed.

By only re-coating where there is rust, the cost of the project is reduced, Fisher said.

Due to the unique aspect of the work and limited number of contractors qualified for it, there were just two bids, he said.

T Bailey Inc. of Anacortes was awarded the contract at a cost of $811,947.50.

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