Robert Ozuna

Robert Ozuna

GRANDVIEW — RCI Corporation CEO and President Robert Ozuna, 63, was sworn in as the newest Grandview City Council member Tuesday, Sept 22.

Mayor Gloria Mendoza appointed Ozuna to replace Gay Brewer, who resigned from the council in August, leaving the remainder of a four-year term. Ozuna will stand for election to the position in 2021.

“Ozuna previously served on the council,” City Administrator Cus Arteaga said, noting he was first appointed to the council in 2005.

Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with cancer and spent the next several years in treatment, Ozuna explained.

“I’m happy to be back serving on the council after resigning due to my health matters. I’m looking forward to working with council in my favorite areas, economic development,” he noted.

His passion for social engagement with the community and upgrading of technological procedures to make it easier to attract a new generation of residents also number among his passions going forward in city government.

“I’m looking forward to working with the council and we move beyond the pandemic and helping businesses rebuild,” he added.

The founder and president of RGI Corporation, his agency, headquartered in Sunnyside, has provided grant research and professional grant writing and consultation for area schools and colleges since 2002.

The Grandview native is concluding his second four-term as a Yakima Valley College Board Trustee.

“My health is better and I’m excited to again serve the community on the council,” Ozuna added.

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