PRESIDENT MORGAN — After five years of serving as a Rotarian, Jessica Morgan has been newly appointed at the President for Sunnyside’s Noon Rotary Club. One of her bigger projects for the year will be to assist in the planning of the Lighted Farm Implement Parade.

SUNNYSIDE — Communications Director at Sunnyside School District Jessica Morgan has been newly appointed as the President of the Rotary Club as she has completed her first meeting on Monday, July 20.

A five-year member, Morgan expressed her enthusiasm at her additional title, “I am just coming off being the president of the Washington Schools Public Association. This is kind of a nice transition where my responsibilities with that organization are coming to a close, so I get to take on this new leadership role within the city of Sunnyside, so I’m really excited about that.”

When Morgan first arrived in Sunnyside, she only knew her coworkers from the school district. Having been offered to join the Rotary club, the mother of two decided this opportunity could be used to build relationships in a new town.

Having their weekly meetings every Monday at noon via Zoom virtual meetings, The Rotarian’s first meeting as president and the members of the Rotary Club discussed the topic of one of Sunnyside’s largest events, the Lighted Farm Implement Parade.

“That’s Rotary’s big project to the community each year, so we’re planning the process for that,” Morgan stated.

While many events have been postponed and canceled due to the novel coronavirus, Morgan commented that the Rotarians are at this point planning as if the parade will be held and “…also dive deep into a Plan B.”

Monday afternoon was spent brainstorming and assigning duties on the parade project for the Rotarians. Morgan added that she would like to develop a survey with sponsors and float participants from the 2019 Lighted Farm Implement Parade in order to determine their thoughts on holding the parade.

While President Morgan and the Rotarians have a daunting task ahead of them, Morgan also highlighted the summer project the Rotarians crafted.

“Our school district actually has a summer reading program right now and our Rotary has committed to providing kind of like incentives to students who are able to complete it,” Morgan explained.

Incentives Rotarians have provided include bikes, back to school gift backets and Rotarian Bryan Robinson from State Farm has provided funds for gift certificates. “That, I think, has been really cool to recognize that need to kind of encourage kids to participate in learning during the summer.”

Morgan is taking on her new role head on and she is proud to be a part of Rotary and to “be able to give back through the things that we do for families.”

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