SUNNYSIDE — Ballots are rolling in, as of press time Tuesday, the deadline for voting on the Sunnyside School District $2.8 million Replacement Education Programs and Operations Levy has passed.

So far, the response to the four-year levy request has been good, commented School Board Chairman Steven Winfree, Monday.

With all ballots being counted by Yakima County Election Office, it was reported that as of Monday only 24 percent of the registered voters had turned in their ballots. The initial count began after 8 p.m. Tuesday. It may be several days before the official count is released.

“I think people know this levy will help maintain our school district,” Winfree said, while urging people to mark their ballots.

“We just need a simple 50 percent majority for its passage,” he added.

Across the county there are eight special election proposals of which four school districts, including Sunnyside and Mabton are seeking approval of the replacement education and operational levies.

“The district is asking voters to consider the four-year levy with a rate of $1.59 per $1,000 in assessed property value,” Sunnyside School District Superintendent Kevin McKay explained.

“Levy funds are for learning,” McKay reiterated, adding that the district comes to the public every four years to ask for approval to continue the levy taxation.

The funds collected, beginning in 2021, pay for district needs not fully funded by the state, he added.

Ballots may still be dropped off at the red Yakima County ballot box near the Sunnyside Post Office.

Voters must have a Feb. 11 postmark if they are mailed on Tuesday.

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