SOON TO BE CONSTRUCTION ZONE — Future site of the two-story classroom with an expected October start date located in the middle of SHS campus where the greenhouse and three portables are presently located.

SUNNYSIDE – School district bond construction will be moving forward within the next week as phase zero – the student and staff parking lot addition is planned to take place at the north end of the K12 campus.

A crew has already taken soil samples and performed analysis at the 1801 E. Edison Ave. site in preparation to begin the initial building of multiple projects which will soon be going out for construction bid in October.

According to Sunnyside Superintendent Kevin McKay, the construction team requires a place to set up their operation and the new asphalt section will provide them with the required space to store materials and equipment.

He indicated that only a portion of the parking lot may be developed at this time to specifically accommodate worksite resources, with a purpose to finish the section later.

“That’s important because the crew would take over other parking lot space on campus and create a safety issue and multitudes of parking problems,” McKay explained. He remains optimistic the phase zero process will take a few weeks. “. . . We should see that completed by the end of August, if everything goes right.”

Phase one will be the actual part of construction and bids are expected to open in early October “If bids are accepted and that’s key,” the Superintendent said.

Once the bids are opened, officials are confident that construction companies will be submitting proposals on all three buildings – the two-story classroom would be erected with an October start date, followed by the fine arts facility in November, along with the athletic building for February of 2020. The first two structures are scheduled to be completed in June 2020.

“Our hope is that all three of these buildings can be built by the same contractor,” McKay noted.

He added, once the board approves the construction award and depending on costs associated with the first, two buildings, the athletic assembly could begin almost a year earlier and wouldn’t have to wait before receiving state matching funds in July 2020.

The construction timeline for the athletic building would be at a much slower rate. “I would assume it would be also done in about eight months from there and so, sometime the following school year,” he indicated.

Should the price of the bid be more than what is expected, officials will postpone the athletic building until state’s matching funds become available.

“The match was given to us to build the buildings. We’re switching the funding, which is allowable to do, so we can get moving on these things and not wait for state funding,” McKay stated.

Multiple construction areas will be clearly visible to the public at the center of campus and at the entrance to the school.

“Anytime you turn a school into a construction zone it’s going to have an impact,” he acknowledged. “Our goal is that it doesn’t impact the regular daily routine of students.”

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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