Sisters advocate for public’s help for Victor Ramos of Sunnyside

Ceci Ramos, left, and Erica Serfin secure a banner advocating for the public’s help to assist law enforcement’s ongoing search for Adrian Bueno, 28, and Francisco Rudy Gallardo, 41, who are wanted in connection with the murder or their brother, Victor Ramos, 28, of Sunnyside.

The volatile range of emotions about the two men, who are still wanted by Sunnyside Police in connection with the killing of their brother, Victor Ramos, rumbled with authority over the traffic noise on Yakima Valley Highway.

Erica Serfin and her younger sister, Ceci Ramos, placed a banner out front of Hiway Fruit Wednesday, June 2, advocating for the public’s help to assist law enforcement’s ongoing investigation.

Adrian Bueno, 28, and Francisco Rudy Gallardo, 41, remain at large in the killing of 28-year-old Ramos.

Sunnyside Police said Ramos was found with a gunshot wound in his chest outside his residence on the 1200 block of Roosevelt Court around 4:15 p.m. on Sunday, January 31.

“According to police, they have no new leads and the last time my sister, Maria, talked to detectives she was told that they’re not losing hope and that they’re getting somewhere. But they tell us, you guys are on the streets and hear more than us, so anything you guys hear let us know,” Serfin reported.

Ramos was taken to Astria Sunnyside Hospital where he later died from his wound.

“They were seen on surveillance camera minutes prior to my brother’s murder and about an hour prior, basically they were stalking and waiting for him,” Serfin, the oldest of four siblings in the United States described. She has an older brother who resides in Mexico.

Local investigators identified Bueno as the registered driver of a black 2007 Infiniti G35 and Gallardo as the shooter.

Yakima County prosecutors have charged Bueno and Gallardo with first-degree murder, drive-by shooting and two counts each of first-degree assault in connection with the death of Ramos on March 1. Gallardo is also charged with unlawful firearms possession.

Serfin said both men have been on the run or hiding out and believes their families have been helping them hide. “There’s no way that they’re not hidden without family help,” she stated.

According to court documents, Bueno is a member of a Sureño street gang and Gallardo associates with Sureño gang members.

Ramos worked with Bueno at the same warehouse in Wapato and Gallardo used to live across the street from his mother’s house, both sisters confirmed.

“My brother had no affiliation to any gangs. Victor was an avid 49ers fan and that’s why you always saw him in his Niner jersey or in red, because that was his team. That’s why he wore red: not because he claimed to be a Norteño like people are playing him. And I know a lot of people say – remember that he had been growing his hair for seven years – I guess that’s affiliated with the Norteño gang,” Serfin adamantly attested.

Police reported in court papers that Ramos meets the criteria for being a documented gang member.

“For me it’s been hard. I have more gang ties than my brother, like I can say I’ve been around all the gangs not like my brother,” Ceci Ramos disclosed. “I’ve done a lot of favors for their people and so for them to go and do something like that to my brother, I feel betrayed.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Sunnyside Police Department at 509-836-6200 and cite case number 21s00931 or Yakima Crime Stoppers at 800-248-9980.

Tips can also be submitted online at

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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