FIELD FRESH – Mike Dunn of Long and Sons Produce unloads the Saturday morning’s fresh-cut asparagus north of Sunnyside. The day’s crop was looking ‘very nice so close to the end of season’ said longtime Asparagus Farmer John Long said. The season typically last eights weeks in the valley, he said.

SUNNYSIDE — Standing in his snow-covered asparagus fields in mid-March, asparagus farmer Jeff Long was a little nervous about his 2019 harvest.

Now as the season nears its end, Long is happy with the results.

“We are getting our full eight weeks of harvest, and it’s been pretty decent,” he announced Friday.

Long, who farms about 50 acres on Kriner Road, said his workers are still cutting every morning.

“We’ve been lucky with the weather, no frost and very little wind,” he added.

Even though the workers didn’t start cutting grass until April 18, about 10 days later than normal, once the snow was gone, the fields were ready for the ‘grass’ to be growing.

The cutting season is slowly winding down, agreed Scott Thomas of Snow and Sons Produce of Outlook.

“But it’s been good. We are starting to see some decline in ‘grass’ quality,” he commented.

Thomas, who works in sales at the processing plant, predicted the asparagus season should end about June 15.

He said the company added another sorting line to its processing plant, anticipating a good 2019 season.

“During the peak of the season, we had about 275 people working,” Thomas noted.

Snow and Sons’ Produce markets Yakima Valley asparagus to California, Canada and in the East Coast markets.

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