PAST MOUNTAIN CELEBRATION — Janeece Smith next to Roger Swigart with Mark Allen in the background during a New Year’s Eve party at her cabin. According to Smith, the picture was Roger’s last post on Facebook.

KLICKITAT COUNTY — In an emotional interview, Janeece Smith, an eyewitness to the June 16, homicide of Roger Swigart, who was also his girlfriend for three-and-a-half years, revealed her explicit reason for not taking part in any follow up investigation with the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, Oct. 17.

“I can’t trust them,” Smith frighteningly expressed as she painfully began to provide a first-hand narrative about the horrific Jensen Quarry Road confrontation between Swigart and Mark Allen with dramatic detail. “I didn’t want to leave the scene. I wanted to walk through it, and they wouldn’t let me,” as her voice quivered with anguish.

According to Smith, she ran toward the gun fire and was less than 15 feet way when she felt something hit her chest and stopped. She saw the gun on the dash of Allen’s truck while Swigart was on Allen’s back behind him.

“He (Allen) looked over his head and then wretched his arm over and shot him in the head after looking at me. And, then got up off the ground and looked at me and goes, ‘I killed your (expletive) boyfriend. You should call 9-1-1. I killed your boyfriend. I killed your boyfriend,’” Smith graphically stated.

Smith pointed out there was no blood on Allen, no tears in his shirt. In fact, she observed he didn’t even look like he was roughed up at all. His shirt was still tucked in. “. . .He looked fricking fine.”

The 12-year area realtor confirmed that KCSO Sergeant Detective Erik Anderson reached out to her on July 1, but has not heard from any law enforcement official since.

“There’s no way in hell that I’ll get anywhere near that sheriff’s office. I will not! They have done nothing, nothing to protect us. They have done nothing but jeopardize my safety and the people in that community,” Smith angrily communicated.

The eyewitness declared she is eager to work with any other law enforcement agency.

“And, I was told multiple times that the state should be contacting me because they should go through the case as well. And, that was another thing I was waiting on.”

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