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"We were honored to be nominated alongside Google and Vulcan Real Estate."

Said David Ju, Concord Pacific Vice President

SEATTLE, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Vancouver-based Concord Pacific, the developer of Seattle House condominiums in partnership with local Seattle-based HB Management, accepted the "SLU Good Neighbor of the Year Award" for their work done with the South Lake Union Chamber. As Seattle reopened local businesses and facilities last year, this PPE was scarce. The SLU Chamber received the donation of masks from Canada on behalf of their membership. Concord Pacific then mobilized resources with SLU Chamber to safely distribute more than 4,000 boxes of masks directly to more than 150 businesses, organizations, and UW Medicine to safely restart community programming services, support residents of social housing, assist food banks, aid local small businesses, and protect frontline workers.

"Giving and supporting the development of innovative social solutions plays a catalytic role in connecting communities and improves the quality of life.  This has always been driven by our core values to develop communities in every region we build in.  Being neighbors, we hold the responsibility to come together for the greater cause and to help those who are in immediate need during the Covid-19 crisis.," says David Ju, Concord Pacific Vice President. This donation was part of over 1.3 million masks that were distributed late spring and early summer 2020 to front line workers and the communities they support. This commitment was in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to healthcare for accelerated Covid-19 testing.

"During these uncertain times we were grateful to Canadian-based company Concord Pacific for their partnership. Being new to SLU in 2020 they immediately engaged us to help support our community, put a smile on the faces of our neighbors and showed them there is hope. This is what community building is all about", says Danah Abarr, Executive Director, SLU Chamber.

"Concord Pacific's donation helped strengthening our South Lake Union community, personally helped me create a safe environment for my clients when I reopened and was one less expense for my business during this financially challenging time", says Elise Vincentini, Owner, Downtown Dog Lounge.

Concord Pacific wants to acknowledge all the continuous great work fellow finalists Googe and Vulcan Real Estate Inc. did to make SLU a better and safer place to live and work during these challenging times.

About SLU Chamber

The South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 with a mission of connecting people and organizations in SLU to foster strategic relationships and opportunities. Their purpose is to empower for-and-not for profit businesses in SLU to become community leaders and help one another prosper and they have a forward-looking vision for South Lake Union to become a destination neighborhood where engaged residents and thriving businesses come together to create a vibrant culture. Currently they partner with nearly 300 local businesses and nonprofits ranging from sole proprietorships to fortune 500 companies. Visit  for more information.

About Concord Pacific

Concord has been building Canada's largest lifestyle-forward urban communities for over 30 years . Under the leadership of President and CEO, Terry Hui, Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver and Concord CityPlace in Toronto are the country's two largest urban master-plans and are mostly complete. Concord also expanded to Seattle's tech hub in the United States and London, UK including Marylebone Square and the completion of Principal Tower in the Principal Place neighbourhood, home to Amazon UK. These communities are renowned for their vibrant urban planning and have been emulated globally. Concord Pacific exclusively uses consultant LIV Design for interior and lifestyle planning.  The award-winning developer is Canada's most substantial contributor of city parks and privately funded public art. In addition to their industry leading forward practices including Concord BioSpace and EV Parking infrastructure and design, the company's green energy arm generates twice the amount of energy needed to power all the homes in Vancouver's downtown core.  Visit  for more information.

SOURCE SLU Chamber, Seattle

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