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BELLINGHAM, Wash., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- To honor Earth Month, Tony's Coffee is making it easy for environmentally-minded consumers to have a positive environmental impact across the globe. Partnering with One Tree Planted, Tony's Coffee will plant one tree in Peru for every online order during the month of April.

"You can make a difference with something as simple as your choice of coffee," states CEO Todd Elliott. "Deforestation is an urgent problem. In many regions, virgin rainforests are being cut down to grow coffee and it doesn't have to be this way."

Coffee plants thrive in partial sun conditions and produce a sweeter cup when grown in shade. Tony's Coffee works with farmer partners in Peru, Honduras, and many other countries to source quality, organic coffee that is grown in the shade of strong, healthy trees. This canopy cleans the air, absorbs 48 pounds of carbon emissions per tree annually from the atmosphere, and provides a healthy ecosystem for other plants, birds, and wildlife.

Continues Elliott, "One Tree Planted partners with local farmers to plant native trees in farms and educate farmers on agroforestry, a common practice where trees and shrubs are grown around crops for environmental benefits."

Every Online Order = 1 Tree Planted

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Month, for every online order (shop here) placed during the month of April, Tony's Coffee will plant one tree in Peru with the help of One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that works with local partners worldwide to restore our forests.

About Tony's Coffee

In 1971, the smell of freshly roasted coffee came to Bellingham, Washington. Tony's Coffee first started roasting fine coffees and serving espresso at their street-level coffeehouse in Bellingham's historic Fairhaven district. The family-owned company continues to roast in small batches, selecting the highest quality, shade grown, GMO-free, organic, fair trade coffees from farmer-owned cooperatives. Tony's is a sustainable coffee pioneer, and recently became one of the country's first carbon neutral roasteries. They are also a founding member of World Coffee Research, an organization that helps small scale farmers adapt to climate change. In recognition of their commitment to quality and sustainability, they were named 2021 Macro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine. Their team of 50 employees provide wholesale coffee to many natural food grocers, offices, and cafes on the West Coast. A wide variety of coffees are available online for purchase at

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