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MERCER ISLAND, Wash., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GroundWorx® is pleased to announce its entry into the international marketplace launching services in Oceania, focusing on New Zealand and Australia, and in Asia, deploying in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Last month the company launched the GX-1 Platform® in North America, a machine learning / AI turf management platform that powers proprietary soil sensors and next-gen micro weather stations. GroundWorx is also developing a hand-held spot-check device that will utilize machine learning, providing predictive analytics for Turf Managers.

"The GroundWorx platform is a comprehensive tool that allows Turf Managers to make better decisions."

GroundWorx has been working hard to establish partnerships in these markets. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Sports Turf Solutions in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

"We are excited to partner with Sports Turf Solutions and for the opportunity to work alongside Brad Burgess, Nigel Taylor, and their Sales Consultants throughout South East Asia to bring GroundWorx, the most advanced wireless turf solution above or below ground, to golf courses and sports fields," said Lee Marshall, a GroundWorx Co-founder, and Managing Partner of GroundWorx Oceania / Asia.

STS Managing Director Brad Burgess said, "On behalf of myself and all our Sales Consultants at STS, we are honored to form a partnership with GroundWorx. The platform brings another level of service and technology that will assist the Turf Professionals we currently work with and expand our current offerings. The GroundWorx platform is a comprehensive tool that allows Turf Managers to make better decisions from their desk or mobile device no matter where they are that will take their turf to the next level." 

He added, "I know it is going to play a beneficial role at our turf farms where we strive to conserve water and monitor our data and research towards finding the most sustainable turfgrasses." 

The GroundWorx service includes 18 to 72 in-ground sensors and a micro weather station that brings critical weather and turf data points to Turf Managers. Savings on water usage and decreased power utilization are just a few of the full-service platform's cost-savings benefits.

About GroundWorx® - GroundWorx® is a wireless innovations and water conservation company that has developed a complete turf management platform (GX-1 Platform®) that helps Turf Managers proactively manage their turf, conserve resources, be a good steward of the environment, and develop beautiful golf courses, sports fields, and commercial properties. ( )

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