GRANDVIEW — The City Council was Tuesday, April 9, apprised of two impending projects planned this year.

With the Washington State Department of Transportation having planned work on the Interstate 82 interchange at Exit 73, City Administrator and Public Works Director Cus Arteaga said it was believed prudent to complete a resurfacing of Wine Country Road, approximately 800 feet, from East Stover Road to the westbound ramps for the freeway.

It was hoped the company completing the work on the ramps would be among those submitting a bid proposal, and those expectations were realized when Central Washington Asphalt, Inc. of Moses Lake submitted the low bid of $113,067.50, he said.

However, the bid is 7 percent higher than the engineer’s estimate of $104,890, Arteaga noted.

Initially, he would have proposed funding of about $80,000 budgeted for the city’s chip-seal program be used to partially fund the resurfacing project.

Arteaga said the program is important, and with the bid being higher than estimated, he was set to propose a budget amendment at the April 23 City Council meeting.

That amendment was also needed to account for the utilization of funds for the city’s museum re-roofing project and the snow budget, Arteaga said.

The museum’s roof is in need of replacement, he said.

The budget in 2018 was insufficient for the project to be completed with bids in the neighborhood of $80,000, Arteaga said.

To mediate the issue of leaks, there was minor patching completed last year, he said.

The council approved $60,000 in the city’s 2019 budget to repair the roof. The low bid by Bestebreur Brothers Construction of Grandview for removing the existing roof and replacing it, however, was 15 percent higher ($59,974.06) than what was estimated ($51,792.00).

That doesn’t include engineering costs, Arteaga noted.

As a result, he said the city could explore roofing over the top of existing materials. The drawback would be a lesser quality product, he said.

The City Council didn’t like the idea of roofing over the existing materials, agreeing the higher quality construction is preferable.

Arteaga said the funds that would be impacted by the projects would remain healthy, if the City Council chooses to approve them.

The council moved the resurfacing project on Wine Country Road to its regular council meeting and approved two resolutions related to it.

The council members voted to place the museum project on the April 23 regular meeting agenda for a vote.

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