The Washington State Redistricting Commission has asked the State Supreme Court to consider a map they agreed to, but after the legal deadline, when it comes to the new congressional and legislative districts that will go into place next year.

In that map, Sunnyside and the lower valley would get a new representative as Jeremie Dufault, a resident of Selah, would live in the 14th District while Sunnyside is in the 15th.

The new map would not impact Rep. Bruce Chandler who is a resident of Granger.

In a statement released after the vote did not occur prior to the Nov. 15 deadline, Commission Chair Sarah Augustine said, “While we acknowledge we missed the deadline for our maps to be considered by the Legislature, we see no reason why the Court can’t do so.”

She noted that the maps are a result of input from thousands of residents.

The Redistricting Commission has come under scrutiny regarding what has been called a lack of transparency when it came to the night of the deadline.

Commissioner Paul Graves expressed disappointment that they were not meeting in a public setting, but said, “The only thing I can say is that we were close to an agreement and we chose to move forward.”

Dufault is hesitant to worry, “Until [the court map] happens, none of us can plan our futures. Hopefully the court acts soon.”

The State Supreme Court will ultimately draw the maps and send them to the legislature for approval.

The lower valley is not expected to change congressional districts.

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