HOLIDAY LIGHTS INSTALLATION — Left to right, Sunnyside Public Works Street Crew members Pedro Cerda and Juan Quezada hang holiday light decorations on Edison Avenue Wednesday afternoon. The Fire Department checked all the bulbs prior to the annual placement.

SUNNYSIDE — Public Works Street Crew members Juan Quezada and Pedro Cerda spent a couple of hours last week installing annual holiday decorations on Edison Avenue power poles as the downtown area would be beaming with joyful evening color, just in time for Thanksgiving.

“It gets people in the right mood…and beautifies the town,” Street Crew Supervisor Jaime Alvarez expressed.

The 85 lighted decorations consisting of about five apples, pears, grapes, wheat, cows, tractors, along with more than 50 snowflakes have been installed throughout town over the course of four, two-hour work shifts. A tradition which has been in place for the past 12 years, the city supervisor said.

Quezada and Cerda confirmed that they’re officially into the “holiday spirit” as a result of hoisting up and fastening the full-size displays from their bucket truck on Wednesday, Nov. 20. By the appreciative sounds from passing vehicles’ horns, motorists were also onboard.

Prior to attaching the ornaments, the city partnered up with the Fire Department to ensure all the bulbs were working. Once inspected, they are then placed at the base of the electrical poles corresponding to the city route for the street crew to hang.

“The decorations are located in a major portion of town, so people see the decorations wherever they go, and it gives the appearance there’s a lot more than 85,” Alvarez noted.

The map identified lights down First Street, city arterials, Yakima Valley Highway, East Edison and Sixth Street, and will remain up until the first full week of January.

“My favorite decoration happens to be the tractor because we’re such a farming community. I grew up driving a tractor and that was my first job,” Alvarez proudly acknowledged.

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