SUNNYSIDE — Is it a case of a rogue employee partnership creating a satirical Romeo and Juliet scenario on an official city social media site or the case that changing times demand social media one-upmanship, or something in between? Comments and reactions to the Sunnyside Police Department’s Dec. 4, 2019, Facebook post are mixed.

The post details a criminal incident but parodied the chronology of a local pair using Shakespearean language.

The post in part reads, “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo, (Shakespeare, 5.3.325-326),” and continues to recount the chronology of the pair involved, creating a Shakespearean story. Facts of the case and alleged lawbreaker’s names were used along with embellishment.

The 329 comments posted on the Sunnyside Police Department’s page weigh favorably on the side of creativity while others, on and offline, felt the post crossed professional and ethical lines.

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It was funny, and the two involved were stupid for thieving.

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