SUNNYSIDE — The Sept. 14 Board Work Meeting at 7:30 p.m. brought forth the topic of Zoom bombings and the potential for changing platforms to one with more control, however, IT Coordinator Dave Peterson believes it’s more of a human problem than a platform problem.

The Director of Information Technology Nic Olinsky informed the board of the safeguards Zoom has put in place in an effort to protect the privacy of meetings. He explained how Zoom has a feature called waiting rooms that allows the host to choose who enters the meeting while the participant waits to be let in.

“Right now, it’s an optional thing, but starting Sept. 27, Zoom is turning it on permanently for every meeting. So, you can’t just join a meeting without the host approving you,” Olinsky confirmed.

When school board member Michelle Perry asked if using Go Guardian, a platform allowing teachers more control, would decrease and protect students with Zoom problems.

Peterson acknowledged, “Go Guardian has a little more control, but what we’re seeing right now, particularly in the middle schools, is a people problem. It’s not that the system is insecure.”

The IT Coordinator reiterated that while the permanent waiting room feature is not in effect now, teachers can enforce it to proactively ensure their students are the only ones in class.

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