Sunnyside School District recently installed Wi-Fi transmitters on the roofs of Washington Elementary and Chief Kamiakin Elementary schools to boost the district’s internet reach into the student’s homes.

The transmitters are part of the Project Gemini Phase One, which allows the district to use existing internet networks within the buildings to expand the Wi-Fi capabilities to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Students and families who need access to the internet and live within a half-mile radius of Washington and Chief Kamiakin schools can fill out the Project Gemini survey, which is located on the school district homepage, to request routers for their homes, enabling them to connect with a protected internet connection.

These locations provide a half-mile radius for internet connection and the district is working with community partners like the City of Sunnyside to find additional locations to place transmitters to increase coverage.

Phase One used District-owned locations, but as the district moves into Phase Two, they are in search of community partners to have Wi-Fi transmitters at their locations to launch Project Gemini on a larger scale. For example, in partnership with the City of Sunnyside and the Sunnyside Public Works, a transmitter is being installed on the city’s water tower which will provide coverage for students on South Hill.

The project is funded for five years by the Emergency Connectivity Fund, which is provided by the Federal Communications Commission to help schools close the internet gap for students at home.

The internet received through this project is for students to connect with their teachers and complete assignments online.

The strength of the internet will be sufficient for online learning but is not a replacement for full internet services.

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