SUNNYSIDE — The Sunnyside School Replacement Education Programs and Operations Levy is passing with a steady 57.78 percent margin, to the delight of the district officials.

“We are very thankful for the community’s support of the levy. The real winners here are the students,” said Superintendent Kevin McKay Wednesday afternoon.

“Any time we can get a levy passed is a good one,” he added, he explained, noting the funds collected, beginning in 2021, pay for district needs not fully funded by the state.

By 3 p.m., Wednesday, the Yakima County Elections reports showed the ballot issue had gained an additional 49 votes bringing the Sunnyside total ‘yes’ votes to 936 to 680 ‘no’ votes.

Tuesday night as the first ballot report was issued it appeared the $2.8milion replace levy was sure to pass, as it only needed a simple 50 percent yes vote.

“We just thankful for all those who chose to support our schools,” he remarked.

The four-year request replaces the current levy, which expires Dec. 31, 2020.

The election will be certified on Feb. 21, “...then we can relax,” McKay added.

Meanwhile, Mabton School District saw its levy receiving 130 votes to 85 no votes for a 65.47 percent passage.

Zillah School District which also requested a replacement levy, saw voters giving their approval with 582 yes votes and only 384 no votes for a 60.25 percent passing margin.

Turn out for the special election was about 28.40 percent for all eight issues that were on the Feb.11 ballot.

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