SUNNYSIDE — Close to 450 excited seniors drove to the campus and picked up their Class of 2020 senior signs, which could be displayed in the front yard at home were appreciatively passed out by a handful of faculty and students beginning around 2:45 p.m. on Friday, May 15.

“We’ve been keeping our seniors engaged with us and they’ve been doing great. All the kids have” expressed Sunnyside High School Assistant Principal Dave Martinez while reflecting on the senior activities like prom which would have taken place last Saturday night.

“So, this is just another token of appreciation of what you think about what they’ve lost, he conveyed. “Saturday night I drove down here about 9:30 p.m., it should have been prom. And it was sad… There should have been a tent up, music going and there’s not!”

Mental Health and Intervention Behavior Counselor Terry Shines stepped away from the distance learning environment for a couple of hours to join in the “Grizzly Power” excitement of celebrating Sunnyside seniors.

“It’s fun because I haven’t seen some of these kids in over two months,” exclaimed Shines, who was thrilled to see their smiling faces in the cars as he handed them a senior sign.

“You feel so bad for them because it’s like they’re not going to be able to have a traditional graduation.”

Counselors Maribel Madrigal and Dustin Crowe were also passing out signs with an upbeat level of entertaining enthusiasm in making the “Grizzly Nation” moment a memorable one.

“We’ve got to connect the school building relationship and helping kids realize their future. And that right now has to be done on steroids. Because you have students that normally would be at school all day, are working full time and helping their families,” Martinez stated.

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