The City of Sunnyside will hold a virtual meeting, taking place via Zoom, on Tuesday, Jan. 18 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., featuring questions for the community regarding the Parks, Recreation and Open Space plan, as well as questions regarding the Comprehensive City Plan.

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) plan is a six-year guide and strategic plan for managing and enhancing park and recreation services.

It provides a vision for Sunnyside’s park and recreation system and establishes a path forward for providing high quality, community-driven parks, trails, open spaces and recreational opportunities.

The PROS Plan creates a framework that will allow the City to respond to new opportunities as they arise, and to ensure that parks, facilities and recreation programs meet the needs of Sunnyside’s residents, employees and visitors now and into the future.

The comprehensive plan for the City of Sunnyside is intended as a future guide related to development decisions. The plan was developed in compliance with the Washington State GMA, which established planning goals and regulations to guide the development of comprehensive plans for local governments.

The goals for the Comprehensive Plan include reducing sprawl, encouraging affordable housing, and encouraging efficient multi-model transportation.

The city will be updating both plans this year, with the goal of the PROS plan being approved by City Council before March 1. The Comprehensive Plan will be updated by March. The plans need to be fully updated to reflect substantial growth and changes in the community.

The Zoom meeting ID is 863 8965 5277 and the passcode is 147795.

If you are unable to attend the virtual community conversation and would like to comment on the Parks, Recreation and Open Space plan, contact Gwen Weder at 509-837-8660 or by email at

If you would like to comment on the Sunnyside Comprehensive Plan, contact Mike Shuttleworth at 509-836-6393 or by email at

Additional information on both plans can be accessed on the City of Sunnyside website under Office of Community Development’s page.

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